A Letter to My Car, Regarding Party Buses

Dear Red Honda Civic,

We have had some good times you and I. That time we drove from Rochester to Los Angeles. Going on my first date with Sara. That time you protected me from that really drunk and angry dude at the corner of Elliot and 24th. Really, we have been inseparable for a long time now.

But I think it may be time for a change. Look we can still go to work together and go get food and all the things we usually do – but I don’t really want to go drinking with you anymore. You have a problem man. One of which being, whenever we take you somewhere I can’t even drink – since I have to worry about controlling you later in the night – not cool dude. After me and some other friends used MN Limo Service the other night, it made me realize just how much you are holding me back from having fun.

They even have a bar you can enjoy WHILE you are going to the bar. I mean, you only have two cup holders and an alcohol problem.

MN Limo Service

And let’s be real here, you still have a tape deck. What is the deal with that? Who even owns tapes anymore? I have to use one of those fake tape cord thingies just to listen to my music. It is embarrassing. The party bus had a great sound system and an excellent modern Aux cable if I wanted to play my music. I’m not saying this to be mean, but you have a lot of growing up to do.

He is bigger too. I know that size isn’t the most important thing, but I have needs. How am I supposed to go somewhere with six or seven or even eighteen friends when you only seat 5. I’m sure you could make some less popular people very happy – but that’s just not who I am.

Also, the bus cares about its body, unlike you – leather wraparound seats, great lighting. It even has beautiful hardwood floors that make it perfect for dancing. Your floor still has the remnants of my nephew’s lollipop on it. You just don’t respect yourself in the same way. And I know you will want to blame me, like somehow that’s my fault, but honestly, I’m tired of having to care about how I look and how you look all the time. If I want to eat some potato chips, do I always have to think about how that will affect you? I need some me time.

So let’s not make this a big thing. As I said, we can still be friends. I will always need someone to go to work with and chores and all that – but when it comes to what I need at night, you just aren’t the MN Limo Service. They make me happy. I’m sorry.

Selecting the Right External Hard Drive for Your Xbox One

Gamers wanting to purchase an external hard disk for their Xbox One console should do some comparison shopping to get the best possible terms.

Elements to Look for in the fastest Xbox One External Hard Drive

·    What is the total capacity of the hard disk? The total capacity of the drive varies but something in the 1TB~2TB range should be acceptable for the majority of gamers out there. If you are really big on RPGs then shoot for something in the 3TB range.

·    SSD vs non-SSD: SSD(solid state drive) hard drives are very fast when transferring data but the Xbox One does not support USB3 protocols so you don’t need SSD. A mechanical hard disk should be able to meet your gaming needs provided it has a high write speed.

When you have identified a few candidates for the title of fastest Xbox One external hard drive you can begin looking for the vendors that are selling them.

Getting a Great Deal on an External Xbox One Hard Disk

fastest Xbox One External Hard Drive

·    Identify all of the vendors that are carrying the specific hard disk you are interested in using with your Xbox One console. 

·    Find out where the vendors are stationed. If the retailer is located overseas the power supply for the external hard disk may not be compatible with your domestic electricity supply. To avoid this issue you should find out whether the unit can work in your country or do you need to purchase a power converter. If you need a converter it may be more cost effective to purchase the hard drive from a domestic retailer.

·    Does the retailer offer an extended warranty? If the retailer does offer an extended warranty you should find out what is covered and what it costs. By spending a few dollars extra you will have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to buy a replacement hard disk.

·    Does the retailer have a great track record? You naturally want to deal with a retailer that takes good care of their clients. To establish the reputation look for the industry/peer review awards in customer service. If the retailer does not have any of these awards then you might consider skipping them.

·    What is the exchange policy? This is a step many consumers overlook but you should always confirm this policy. In the event your external hard disk is damaged in transit you need to have some form of protection. Without the exchange policy you could be required to pay an additional fee just to get a working hard drive for your Xbox One.

Once all of these steps have been covered you should be able to find the online vendor with the best offering. By conducting your comparison shopping you will be able to find the Xbox One hard disk you want at the best possible price.

May the sun never set on the Bernard Bensaid enterprise

At the time of preparing this note for online publication, the enterprise, otherwise known as The Group, is around seventeen to eighteen years of age. It is not quite the coming of age, but in lieu of its accumulative success as an investment growth vehicle, it could be considered to be quite mature at this stage. It could be considered to be fully grown up because of its patience and resilience over the years since it first opened its doors for business at the turn of the millennium.

Using the metaphor of the old sea captain, it requires a level-headed approach to negotiate choppy waters. Since The Group’s inception, Bernard Bensaid and his associates must, by now, have weathered quite a few storms. In the years since the pivotal year 2000 there have been at least two turbulent stock market falls that France and the European were not immune from. If our memory serves us well, current International Monetary Fund CEO, Christine Lagarde, was France’s finance minister.

Stimulating documentaries have been made of that historic occasion for turmoil and financial freefall, and Ms Lagarde, a regular feature in such documentaries, has vivid recollections of the globally-stricken 2008 financial crisis, now also referred to as The Great Recession. It is believed to have started in the City that never sleeps where major financial institutions burnt the bridges of the housing loan scheme of things.

It seems almost ironic to be saying this at this point of time, because as things still stand, The Group remains heavily committed in property. But why are they still thriving and growing? One thing may be certain; they are not relying on expendable loans that remain unreliable in soliciting investments and mergers and acquisitions in property or otherwise. Good projects are always re-capitalized from own stocks if you will.

And as the case may be, The Group is not just investing in buildings, fixtures and fittings. Yes, they are investing in infrastructure. If it is sound, that remains quite important. If infrastructural development is required where value-based potential lies, then resources will be utilized to realize and manage this. Speaking of value, we have reached a critical juncture. This is where you begin to understand The Group philosophy.

Bernard Bensaid

So, as we were saying, this company is not solely targeting buildings that are here today and could very well be gone tomorrow. It is investing in institutions and legends. It is investing in potential. The company being not yet twenty years of age, it is early days still. But it may seem as though the future for them and their beneficiaries looks quite bright. There is a level of majority which goes beyond the age. Look at it this way. It is like the famous French orchid which, over time, is going to produce yet another good harvest that is going to, in turn, yet another fine bouquet.

One of the world’s richest celebrities is known as the Oracle of Omaha

Unfortunately, misinformation and poor phraseologies uttered and scribed by ignoramuses and incompetent and tardy scribes and speakers continue to predominate across the internet. Even current US President, Donald Trump blew his trumpet on the issue of fake news. Doesn’t anyone care what they say, do or write anymore? Well some of us do care anyhow. And that’s a good thing. The world’s second richest man by net worth (at the time of writing), one Warren Buffett, cares. But little do people know. Buffett is not one to blow his trumpet on just how much he’s giving away to charity. But it’s now a well-known fact.

According to our informational source, Buffett is giving away pretty much all of his net worth away to charities. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has become something of a living legend in this regard. Today, many regard him more as a philanthropist than a billionaire businessman. But Donald Trump could yet become more the rich man’s friend than the poor man’s benefactor. He still has to get it right, but like his Republican predecessor, George W Bush, he’s in favor of lowering taxes for the wealthy. Or is this right. Only good informational sites can help us out on this important fact. Because Buffett has gone on to say that he doesn’t mind paying more taxes. If it helps, well it helps.

Buffet has even gone on to say that his kids will be earning every penny of their own money by the time he’s gone. This is the measure of the man in teaching kids how to be responsible in this day and age. Money was never a problem for Trump. His father trusted him enough to take over the Trump empire so, of course, el presidente, inherited most of the Trump family’s billions. Rumor has it that President Trump grew that empire still further. But he also burned his fingers quite a few times. It has happened to the Oracle of Omaha a few times too.

Because according to informational sites like richestcelebrities.bio, that’s what Warren Buffett is known as. Oh, and he’s also known as the CEO or executive chairman of the company he founded all those years back. It is called Berkshire Hathaway. His legend is for getting his predictions right on most occasions. That’s why he’s the world’s second richest man. Some or another newsagent, we won’t mention names, thought it would be clever by re-branding Buffett as the sage of Omaha.


That’s a bit of a tarnish, or what do you think. Should we give the agent a bit of the tar and feathers or should we just leave him be. We know how to source our own information on the world’s wealthiest and most influential men and women, right. Fair enough though, Buffett is still something of a sage. Nevertheless, we like the sound of oracle. It has a nice, mystical ring to it, don’t you think.

Should Marijuana Laws be Changed?

In some states, people found in possession of marijuana are subject to severe penalties which can include up to 11 months, 29 days in jail, fines, and a tarnished record that prevents them from obtaining jobs and other hardships. In 2008, a committee was formed to change the severity of the penalties that come with marijuana possession.

This committee, known as the Committee of Sensible Marijuana Policy, fought long and hard to change the punishments given to those who were found in possession of marijuana in quantities of one ounce or less. You can learn more about the policy and what it means to you by visiting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Committee_for_Sensible_Marijuana_Policy. There is no cost to access the information on this page, and when you read it, there’s a good chance that you can learn a bountiful amount of information about marijuana.

The committee worked diligently and effortlessly to teach people about marijuana, the positive benefits that it brings their way, and how strict the laws were. They reached out to as many people as possible, and gather more than 100,000 signatures to change the laws. And so, in January 2009, new marijuana laws were adapted in Boston, and the state of Massa chutes.  The new laws were met with happiness as well as some negativity, but overall, people are satisfied with the changes. After all this time, it is safe to say that change was needed, especially since we now know so much more about marijuana than we did in the past.

Thanks to the new laws, people now face less severe penalties when caught with less than one ounce of marijuana, and the city gains money. The issue is now a civil rather than a criminal matter, and those who are convicted pay a fine of $100. The monies raised from these fines is used in various ways around the community.

As expected, people are both for and against these changes, however, with more evidence shedding light on the benefits of marijuana rather than negative consensus, overcrowded jails, and more serious crimes being committed, it seems only fair these laws are changed. After all, the marijuana laws have remained quite the same for several decades now, despite the growing research proving that it is not as harmful as once anticipated.

Many other states have followed in the footsteps of Boston and have lessened the penalties for those found in possession of marijuana. This includes Tennessee and Kentucky, and many others. In January 2017, many new states legalized marijuana.


It is safe to say that it was time for changes to be made to the policies on marijuana, and this committee went full force to ensure they are met. Now, many more people are gaining the health benefits of marijuana they want and expect, and facing less penalties if they are found in possession. The city of Boston has raised thousands of dollars that has been put toward several programs in the area (as have other states that have implemented new policies).