How to Start a Successful Plumbing Company in Toronto

If you completed your red seal in plumbing and want to make a considerable amount of money you should consider starting your own plumbing company in Toronto. There are many things you will need to work through before you can attain success but if you are willing to work hard you can make a huge sum of cash.

Determining Your Target Audience

Is your plumbing company going to focus on commercial, residential, industrial, or a combination? Generally speaking the residential niche is highly competitive but can also provide you with excellent opportunities for growth. The number of industrial and commercial opportunities are larger based on the sheer dollar size of the contracts but you will need a larger workforce and resources to submit a competitive bid. Since you are just starting your plumbing company in Toronto it helps to focus on the residential market which offers the best possible upside.

Getting the Necessary Tools and Equipment

plumbing company in Toronto

The initial costs of equipment is one of the biggest hurdles you will need to overcome when trying to get your plumbing business off the ground. You may be able to purchase this equipment from pawn shops and other second-hand dealers. The quality and prices being quoted by these tool resellers is too good to pass up.

Creating an Online Presence

Until you have established yourself as the go to plumber in the GTA you will need to build a strong online presence. The majority of consumers go online when searching for plumbing services and if your website is not online these prospective customers will never be able to find you. Focus on offering emergency, 24/7 service, these are things that customers are looking for and you have to meet that need.

Working with House Flippers

A great way to find steady work while trying to establish yourself, is to seek out individuals who purchase homes to renovate them and quickly sell them for a profit. These “flippers” are always in need of competent professionals in the trades. You can help do the plumbing work for these house flippers who may want a lower price per hour than what you would charge a conventional residential client but these flippers will keep you busy while you work on building up your customer base.

Form Relationships with Local Hardware Store Managers

The local hardware store manager is asked constantly for recommendations on professionals to hire. If you are able to establish a relationship with these managers they may recommend your plumbing company whenever someone asks the manager for a recommendation. This approach won’t work overnight but as you go to the hardware store often to purchase supplies the relationship between you and the manager will flourish.

Starting your own plumbing company can seem daunting but if you are willing to put in the necessary effort you can earn a comfortable living. The sooner you start the business the greater your rewards so begin reviewing your options now that you know what steps you must take.