May the sun never set on the Bernard Bensaid enterprise

At the time of preparing this note for online publication, the enterprise, otherwise known as The Group, is around seventeen to eighteen years of age. It is not quite the coming of age, but in lieu of its accumulative success as an investment growth vehicle, it could be considered to be quite mature at this stage. It could be considered to be fully grown up because of its patience and resilience over the years since it first opened its doors for business at the turn of the millennium.

Using the metaphor of the old sea captain, it requires a level-headed approach to negotiate choppy waters. Since The Group’s inception, Bernard Bensaid and his associates must, by now, have weathered quite a few storms. In the years since the pivotal year 2000 there have been at least two turbulent stock market falls that France and the European were not immune from. If our memory serves us well, current International Monetary Fund CEO, Christine Lagarde, was France’s finance minister.

Stimulating documentaries have been made of that historic occasion for turmoil and financial freefall, and Ms Lagarde, a regular feature in such documentaries, has vivid recollections of the globally-stricken 2008 financial crisis, now also referred to as The Great Recession. It is believed to have started in the City that never sleeps where major financial institutions burnt the bridges of the housing loan scheme of things.

It seems almost ironic to be saying this at this point of time, because as things still stand, The Group remains heavily committed in property. But why are they still thriving and growing? One thing may be certain; they are not relying on expendable loans that remain unreliable in soliciting investments and mergers and acquisitions in property or otherwise. Good projects are always re-capitalized from own stocks if you will.

And as the case may be, The Group is not just investing in buildings, fixtures and fittings. Yes, they are investing in infrastructure. If it is sound, that remains quite important. If infrastructural development is required where value-based potential lies, then resources will be utilized to realize and manage this. Speaking of value, we have reached a critical juncture. This is where you begin to understand The Group philosophy.

Bernard Bensaid

So, as we were saying, this company is not solely targeting buildings that are here today and could very well be gone tomorrow. It is investing in institutions and legends. It is investing in potential. The company being not yet twenty years of age, it is early days still. But it may seem as though the future for them and their beneficiaries looks quite bright. There is a level of majority which goes beyond the age. Look at it this way. It is like the famous French orchid which, over time, is going to produce yet another good harvest that is going to, in turn, yet another fine bouquet.