One of the world’s richest celebrities is known as the Oracle of Omaha

Unfortunately, misinformation and poor phraseologies uttered and scribed by ignoramuses and incompetent and tardy scribes and speakers continue to predominate across the internet. Even current US President, Donald Trump blew his trumpet on the issue of fake news. Doesn’t anyone care what they say, do or write anymore? Well some of us do care anyhow. And that’s a good thing. The world’s second richest man by net worth (at the time of writing), one Warren Buffett, cares. But little do people know. Buffett is not one to blow his trumpet on just how much he’s giving away to charity. But it’s now a well-known fact.

According to our informational source, Buffett is giving away pretty much all of his net worth away to charities. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has become something of a living legend in this regard. Today, many regard him more as a philanthropist than a billionaire businessman. But Donald Trump could yet become more the rich man’s friend than the poor man’s benefactor. He still has to get it right, but like his Republican predecessor, George W Bush, he’s in favor of lowering taxes for the wealthy. Or is this right. Only good informational sites can help us out on this important fact. Because Buffett has gone on to say that he doesn’t mind paying more taxes. If it helps, well it helps.

Buffet has even gone on to say that his kids will be earning every penny of their own money by the time he’s gone. This is the measure of the man in teaching kids how to be responsible in this day and age. Money was never a problem for Trump. His father trusted him enough to take over the Trump empire so, of course, el presidente, inherited most of the Trump family’s billions. Rumor has it that President Trump grew that empire still further. But he also burned his fingers quite a few times. It has happened to the Oracle of Omaha a few times too.

Because according to informational sites like, that’s what Warren Buffett is known as. Oh, and he’s also known as the CEO or executive chairman of the company he founded all those years back. It is called Berkshire Hathaway. His legend is for getting his predictions right on most occasions. That’s why he’s the world’s second richest man. Some or another newsagent, we won’t mention names, thought it would be clever by re-branding Buffett as the sage of Omaha.

That’s a bit of a tarnish, or what do you think. Should we give the agent a bit of the tar and feathers or should we just leave him be. We know how to source our own information on the world’s wealthiest and most influential men and women, right. Fair enough though, Buffett is still something of a sage. Nevertheless, we like the sound of oracle. It has a nice, mystical ring to it, don’t you think.