Selecting the Right External Hard Drive for Your Xbox One

Gamers wanting to purchase an external hard disk for their Xbox One console should do some comparison shopping to get the best possible terms.

Elements to Look for in the fastest Xbox One External Hard Drive

·    What is the total capacity of the hard disk? The total capacity of the drive varies but something in the 1TB~2TB range should be acceptable for the majority of gamers out there. If you are really big on RPGs then shoot for something in the 3TB range.

·    SSD vs non-SSD: SSD(solid state drive) hard drives are very fast when transferring data but the Xbox One does not support USB3 protocols so you don’t need SSD. A mechanical hard disk should be able to meet your gaming needs provided it has a high write speed.

When you have identified a few candidates for the title of fastest Xbox One external hard drive you can begin looking for the vendors that are selling them.

Getting a Great Deal on an External Xbox One Hard Disk

fastest Xbox One External Hard Drive

·    Identify all of the vendors that are carrying the specific hard disk you are interested in using with your Xbox One console. 

·    Find out where the vendors are stationed. If the retailer is located overseas the power supply for the external hard disk may not be compatible with your domestic electricity supply. To avoid this issue you should find out whether the unit can work in your country or do you need to purchase a power converter. If you need a converter it may be more cost effective to purchase the hard drive from a domestic retailer.

·    Does the retailer offer an extended warranty? If the retailer does offer an extended warranty you should find out what is covered and what it costs. By spending a few dollars extra you will have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to buy a replacement hard disk.

·    Does the retailer have a great track record? You naturally want to deal with a retailer that takes good care of their clients. To establish the reputation look for the industry/peer review awards in customer service. If the retailer does not have any of these awards then you might consider skipping them.

·    What is the exchange policy? This is a step many consumers overlook but you should always confirm this policy. In the event your external hard disk is damaged in transit you need to have some form of protection. Without the exchange policy you could be required to pay an additional fee just to get a working hard drive for your Xbox One.

Once all of these steps have been covered you should be able to find the online vendor with the best offering. By conducting your comparison shopping you will be able to find the Xbox One hard disk you want at the best possible price.